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       Onuta Radu a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 STELE - 25 Ianuarie · 

I got the ordered costume. Thank you from the soul to all the people, God gives you health and much success further I am very happy and thankful for the quality with which it has been worked. You are true artists! Once again thousands of thanks. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

       Adriana Stoichescu a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele - 12 Decembrie 2017 · 

I got your gown from you and I can tell you it's special! I love it ! I will wear it with great pleasure at my daughter's wedding and on other occasions! Be sure to make your order again!

Ioana Stoian         Ioana Stoian 

Good evening, I wanted to show you a picture of a wedding because I was delighted with your creations. And it can be seen differently from the mannequin. I love this dress! Thank you!

Fotografia postată de Ioana Stoian.

       Cecilia Valdes a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele  -    13 martie la 20:14 · 

I like that they respect the design, fabrics and measures, which is very important for any lady making an order I am glad we have such designers. The dressed order is perfect for me. You are in the top of the companies from which I will still buy in the future dresses and other clothes. I strongly recommend this company to all ladies who want to look great to highlight their beauty and personality. Try not to regret it. I am very pleased. Congratulations !!!!!

        Sabau Cristina a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  2 Februarie · 

I chose to make a soul gift to my mother knowing she likes such dresses. In addition to promptly answering my questions, the order was processed quickly, I placed my order in the evening and on Thursday I was contacted by Brokart that the package is already submitted to the courier company. We will definitely come back with other orders!

       Aurelia Ilie a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stea -  17 Noiembrie 2017 · 

Hello, thank you very much for the beautiful dress I ordered and I loved it greatly at my daughter's wedding. You are special, thanks to everyone working in this factory and first of all to the lady with whom I communicated and had the patience to listen to me and fulfill my wish. Still success!

Elena Lupu       Elena Lupu

Thanks Brokart Fashion Galati! I dressed with great pleasure your dress, the measure fits me perfectly!

Fotografia postată de Elena Lupu.

      Cornelia Neli a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stea -  15 februarie la 17:19 · 

Thank you so much for suit, it's just that in the picture of posting. I am thankful for him and will love him very much at the wedding. The sizes correspond to the table only that I am less stature and need to be retouched shortly after I buy my sandals. The color is exactly as in the picture. You are promptly distributing. Surely I will order to you.

        Rodika Rodi a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stea -  2 Ianuarie · 

Happy new years with the occasion of the new year of health you want work force! I want to thank you for the dress I received here, the costume I wore at my son's wedding. It was just the way I wanted it. Thank you, "Year with many achievements" I wish you a lot of peace of mind!

       Elena Pop a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stea -  22 februarie la 19:24 · 

Thank you for the two orders I have made from Italy, I have arrived quickly in Italy I am thankful they are elegant and beautiful, I wish you success in the activity and you are bravoooooo, serious and correct! congratulations who wants to order and I tell them not be scare, I wish you a lot of health!

        Ioana Toparceanu a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  20 februarie la 19:04 · 

Thank you for the product I got from you and I want to tell you that you are a very serious and very sincere company. We have received what I wanted and in time and to the extent desired, very elegant and a good material, thank you.

         Bancila Eniko a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  1 Decembrie 2017 · 

I bought this summer a dress from this company and I am very happy !!!

          Minodora Vaidos a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  8 Februarie · 

Congratulations! I am very excited about the product you bought from your company... Very nice and high quality. Good luck !

           Mariana Dristaru a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  31 Ianuarie · 

I got your dress from you. It's great! Thank you for the professionalism you have shown! I wish you a lot of health and infinite orders!

           Georgescu Carmen a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  7 martie la 12:11 · 

Thank you for the dress, it is exceptional, the measures correspond to the table, the material is quality, good luck in the future, you can trust everything I say, is true.

            Nico Iasko a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  8 Februarie · 

Hello. The package has arrived and the product is exceptional! Thank you for your efficiency!

           Maria Banatan a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 4 stele -  2 martie la 15:08 · 

I received the costume and it is vvvvery nice, worth 1001 stars!

          Ioana David a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  23 februarie la 16:40 · 

Thank you!!!! I'm very excited about the product !!!

        Andrada Puscasu a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  5 Septembrie 2017 · 

The dress is special, gives the event and color but also elegance. I felt great by wearing it.

        Irina Buznea a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  23 August 2017 · 

Thank you for your professionalism, promptitude and seriousness. I am very pleased with your products. A team of great value.

          Elena Patrantasu a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  19 August 2017 · 

Congratulations ! Quality products, super beautiful models. A company with Romanian products, rivaling with big companies in Europe. Thank you. I bought products from your company.

        Miorita Mihai a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  16 August 2017 · 

Thank you, I received the completeness is wonderful. I am perfectly fit the measures fit. In the meantime I will take other models. All models are very beautiful.

        Mariana Sarca a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  1 August 2017 · 

Thanks for the dress, are very beautiful and quality, more beautiful in reality than in pictures .. Thank you .

Elena Isai          Elena Isai 

I made the second order, I received them, they are very beautiful, just as the photo is exposed, and the size that you ask it fits, bravo, bravo and much success.

        Savin Anica a evaluat Brokart Fashion Galati - 5 stele -  24 Iulie 2017 ·

They are very successful, beautiful and all that want a true romanian woman! Congratulations Brokart Fashion, congratulations to designers and manufacturers! Much success on farther!