Payment method

Because we want you to have the best experience when shopping, we also offer you payment methods for any preference.  

Refund on delivery by express courier (Urgent Cargus) FOR ROMANIA. You can pay for the reimbursement products when they are delivered to you. Once your order has been confirmed, the products ordered by you will arrive at your destination within 24-48 hours via Urgent Cargus and will be refunded upon receipt of the package.  

expres courier delivery

Methods Pay with your mobile card securely via MobilPay If you want to pay directly with the card, nothing simpler! You can pay via MobilPay - the payment will be done safely and you will only have to wait for the courier to bring your parcel.

Payment by bank transfer If you would like to pay directly to your account by bank transfer, here is our data:



RO58 RNCB 0141 0701 8952 0001

Banca Comerciala Romana, Galati, Romania.