Delivery can be done with ROMANIAN POST, or DHL, or GLS.

You can choose the way to delivery and the cost will be support by the customer ( US - 25E)


payment can be made by bank transfer to:
RO58 RNCB 0141 0701 8952 0001
Banca Comerciala Romana, Galati,Romania.


On, you enjoy the CHANGE or RETURN of the product. If you have not chosen the correct size, you have the right to change it with another size or even another model or to return it, paying only the return of the transport (between 5-25E). Of course, the product should not be worn, fragranced, patted, or damaged in any way.

Please let us know by messenger or email, tell us your problem so that we can solve it in no time! Do not worry ! Anything can be fixed!

Cases of exchange or return are very rare, especially if you advise us on the measures! The sizes must be taken fix, without adding extra centimeters. The fabric has elastane and it can strech even 6-8 cm!

If you don't want to change the product, send the package back , pay the shipment (to Brokart Fashion SRL), at Str. Romana, no. 166, Galati, tel 0744.539.380. You will need to specify how you want your money to be refund. In the package will be placed next to the product an A4  with the following details:

- the name of the person who performed the order,

- the way we can refund you the money, or your mandate address,

- the product / products returned;


In the case of return the buyer must send to us the product. After checking we will refund you money in 7-10 working day. Also we reserve the right not to refund the money if the product has signs of wear or is damaged in any way. 
Make sure that the packaging is done correctly so that the product is not damaged during transport!

Products can be returned within 7 calendar days of receipt of the package. In order to return the products you must follow the following steps:

- Products must be returned in the same state as sent;

- Do not wear traces of wearing, perfume, deodorant or other damage.

- It must contain the labels and documents with which they were sent;

- The return shipping costs will be support by the customer, even if something else is desired;

- It's your choice if you want your money back or another product.


If you want something else in exchange for the product you order, please call us, or write us by email, to determine the size, model for exchange and whether it is in stock. Then you will put your parcel to Urgent Cargus or the Romanian Post or what you choose forr delivery. After receiving and checking, we will send the product you want.

We want to make sure of your seriousness through the numerous reviews and comments you can find on our online store as well as on the facebook page and keep in mind that our company is the producer of these dresses and there are 26 years!

International delivery

TaraServiciu livrare
  Posta Romana GLS DHL
 timp livrarecost livraretimp livrarecost livraretimp livrarecost livrare
 Austria5-10 zile59,00 lei3 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Belarus5-10 zile51,00 lei7-8 zile219,00 lei48 ore129,00 lei
 Belgia5-10 zile88,00 lei4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Bulgaria5-10 zile42,00 lei2 zile45,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Cipru5-10 zile55,00 lei7-8 zile219,00 lei48 ore109,00 lei
 Danemarca5-10 zile62,00 lei5 zile69,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Elvetia5-10 zile59,00 lei4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore129,00 lei
 Estonia5-10 zile64,00 lei7-8 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Finlanda5-10 zile81,00 lei7 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Franta5-10 zile67,00 lei6 zile69,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Germania5-10 zile76,00 lei4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Grecia5-10 zile54,00 lei5-7 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Irlanda5-10 zile65,00 lei6-7 zile69,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Islanda5-10 zile80,00 lei----------------24-48 ore129,00 lei
 Israel5-10 zile53,00 lei----------------48 ore129,00 lei
 Italia5-10 zile61,00 lei4-5 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Letonia5-10 zile53,00 lei----------------24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Lituania5-10 zile65,00 lei7-8 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Luxemburg5-10 zile58,00 lei4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Marea Britanie5-10 zile80,00 lei6 zile69,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Norvegia5-10 zile82,00 lei6-7 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore129,00 lei
 Olanda5-10 zile60,00 lei4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Portugalia5-10 zile75,00 lei6-7 zile69,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Republica Ceha5-10 zile52,00 lei3 zile45,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Republica Moldova5-10 zile53,00 lei----------------48 ore129,00 lei
 Serbia5-10 zile56,00 lei3-4 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore129,00 lei
 Slovacia5-10 zile53,00 lei2 zile59,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Spania5-10 zile65,00 lei6-7 zile69,00 lei72 ore109,00 lei
 Statele Unite ale Americii5-10 zile54,00 lei----------------24-48 ore129,00 lei
 Suedia5-10 zile73,00 lei5-6 zile219,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei
 Ucraina5-10 zile66,00 lei----------------48 ore129,00 lei
 Ungaria5-10 zile62,00 lei2 zile40,00 lei24-48 ore109,00 lei